Product of the month

Every month we choose a product that we want to bring to the attention, this month it is:

Garden Highpro clip fan

As far as we are concerned, the best clip fan of the moment. We've been selling these for years and get no complaints about them. The big advantage of this clip fan is that it runs on a magnetic motor. As a result, no oil or grease is needed to make it run smoothly. Often due to the temperature differences and not using the clip fans for a while, which are lubricated with grease, they often break. Not this Clip fan of Garden Highpro! An additional advantage is that it only consumes 5 watts, which is an even greater advantage during this time. There is a clamp with which you can clamp it anywhere and a clamp with which you can clamp it on a tent pole (see photos)

This clip fan is available in 2 sizes.

-        15cm/ 5 watt (the most sold)

-        20cm/ 12 watt


15% off this whole month