Plagron Cocos Brix 6 pieces

Plagron Cocos Brix 6 pieces

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Plagron Cocos Brix 6 pieces

Hydroponic growing with stable pH value


Cocos Brix make the ideal substrate for growers who prefer to use a pure and natural

product. Cocos Brix has a stable pH, contrary to other hydroponic substrates. Cocos Brix

have a high water retention capacity so you can give less water. Cocos Brix carries the

RHP quality mark.


Balanced nutrient uptake.

Contains Trichoderma for protection against harmful moulds.



Buffered cocopeat, buffered coco fibres.


Usage and dose:

Immerse 1 piece of Cocos Brix in a bucket containing 6 litres of water and regularly

squeeze the brick. After 20 - 30 minutes you will have 9 litres of ready to use cocos

substrate. Add nutrients each time you water and set the pH to 5.5.



  • 6 pieces.


Tips from Plagron

  • Mix Cocos Brix with Plagron soil to improve the soil structure.
  • It can be reused and after reuse applied as a soil improver.
  • Combine Cocos Brix with Plagron Cocos A&B for optimal results.

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