C-No-Insects 2.0 1 Liter

C-No-Insects 2.0 1 Liter

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C-No-Insects 2.0 1 Liter

C-No-Insects 2.0 fights spider mites, thrips and mosquitoes by creating a static field that gives the insects, larvae and eggs a shock within 72 hours.


It also eliminates fungi, bad bacteria and viruses. C-No-Insects 2.0 is a ready to use foliar spray which is 100% effective.


C-No-Insects 2.0 is organic and natural and is not harmful for humans or the environment. Another benefit is that insects cannot become resistant to C-No-Insects 2.0.




·       Shake the bottle before use

·       Add C-No Insects 2.0 in your spraytank

·       Spray the plant or tree in its entirety

·       Make sure you'll spray on the top and bottom of your leaves.

·       C-No-Insects 2.0 can be applied to every plant and tree and even up to 2 weeks before the harvest. Store the bottle at room temperature, in a dark environment.

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