Secret Jardin MF120 Monkey Fan 24V

Secret Jardin MF120 Monkey Fan 24V

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Secret Jardin MF120 Monkey Fan 24V

The Secret Jardin Monkey Fan MF120 is a very practical clip fan that you can attach to the frame of your grow tent and you can also easily adjust the height. This small fan is ideal for moving heat around the inside of the grow tent and takes up little space.


These fans are designed to clip quickly on 16mm to 19mm poles. Enjoy low noise and extended lifetime thanks to the brushless DC 24V motor.

The small size of the MF120 Monkey Fan, only 12 x 12cm, allows you to optimize your grow area. Use them 15° upward or downward to blow air from over or under of the canopy. Available in packs of 1, or 2 pieces depending on your grow area.


MF120 Monkey Fan 120 x 120mm

Recommended Grow Area Up to 60 x 60 cm (2 x 2 ft)



Grow tent, grow room, vertical farming


Plant grow stage

Mother plants, growing, blooming


Motor Technology

Ball Bearing EC low consumption engine




·       100% safe - 24V

·       Low consumption - High energy efficiency

·       Ultra compact - 12 x 12 cm

·       Noise level max.

·       Long Life - 30.000h

·       Voltage - 100V - 240V

·       Frequency - 50 - 60 Hz

·       Consumption - 1.5W

·       Adapter included with EU / UK / US plug

·       Cable length 180cm

·       Plug & Play

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