Soil Moisture Sensor

Soil Moisture Sensor

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Soil Moisture Sensor

A soil moisture sensor measures the amount of water content in the soil. Soil moisture sensors are critical in ensuring that plants receive the optimal amount of water, as over or under watering can harm plant growth and development. Soil moisture sensors work by measuring the electrical conductivity or resistance of the soil, which changes depending on the amount of moisture present. The sensor data can be used to trigger automated irrigation systems or to guide manual watering decisions. Overall, soil moisture sensors are an essential tool for horticulturists to maintain healthy plant growth and maximize crop yield.


Range: Temperature: -30-+70°C (-22-+158°F) Moisture: 0-100%


Additional: Accuracy: ±2% for 0-50%, ±3% for 51-100%


Cable: 2m (6.5ft)


Warranty: 6 months


Nett weight, g, +- 5g: 255


Sensor dimensions, mm / inches, +- 3%: 140 x 50


Gross weight, g, +- 10g: 310


Box dimensions, mm / inches, +- 3%: 275 x 77 x 77 / 10.8 x 3 x 3



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