ALIEN® RDWC 16 Pot 20L PRO Silver Series

ALIEN® RDWC 16 Pot 20L PRO Silver Series

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ALIEN® RDWC 16 Pot 20L PRO Silver Series

The RDWC Series from ALIEN® is a set of pots with a water tank/chiller and pump that automatically pumps the water with oxygen through the pots, and then stores all excess water in the water reservoir. So this is called RDWC, more explanation about this and more about the system can be found below.


Recirculate Deep Water Culture


Recirculate Deep Water Culture is a method of growing plants where the roots are submerged in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution, i.e.; in water with plant food that is rich in oxygen.

This means that you do not need a growing medium (soil/cocos).



Minimum: Length 1.8m - Width 1.47m (Pots as close together as possible, without tank)

Maximum: Length 2.3m - Width 2.15m (With the number of tubes supplied)


Extra information:

Total system water volume: ±260L

Center point plant: 50cm

Growth time: 7-10 days


Main advantages:


• Lots of oxygen

• Decreased growth time

• Uniform PH & EC

• Connect and grow

• Minimal medium


Main Features


• Turn 32mm fittings

• Jet-Stream™ air pump

• Sturdy pots

• High air holes/lines

• Square pots


Parts Included


• Pots

• Lids

• Net pots

• Pot clips

• 32mm straights

• 32mm corner pieces

• Washer

• Spanner

• Tube cutter

•          Manual





• Air stones

• Pistons

• Air line

• Connections




• 6mm blue

• 16mm silver

• 19mm blue

• 50mm silver



This system does not include an air pump or a water tank. Alien Hydroponics no longer supplies these as standard in their kits! These can be ordered as an option.



We recommend the following products:

- Air pump with a capacity of 150L/min (9000L/hour)

- 250L water tank

- We recommend a water cooler with a capacity of 300L to 500L

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