Root Pouch Boxer Brown 22 liter Ø 29 x 36 with handle

Root Pouch Boxer Brown 22 liter Ø 29 x 36 with handle

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Root Pouch Boxer Brown 22 liter Ø 29 x 36 with handle

Root Pouch, What are they made of?

Root Pouch is an environmentally friendly alternative to the well-known plastic cultivation pots.

Plastic fibers from recycled PET bottles are processed into a breathable fabric that allows air and water to pass through.

Root Pouch Boxer Brown (non-degradable) is made from 100% recycled materials.

There are also degradable Rootpouches in 4 qualities, the recycled fabric of which is mixed with natural materials such as jute, bamboo or other vegetable fibres.


Root Pouch, how do they work?

Better water management and a breathable pot contribute to better and stronger root development, so that the fertilizers in the pot's soil are used better. 


RootPouch is extremely suitable for Ebb and Tide systems due to its capillary effect, but can also be used with drip systems or with a watering can


Above ground, the fabric allows air and water to pass through for an optimal air/water ratio, and provides insulation during the cold periods and cooling during the warm periods.

The root tips are trapped by the “mesh” in dust and will stop growing due to exposure to air (and light).

This is also known as “air pruning” and “root trapping”.

This prevents the tap roots from circling.

Additional roots will develop in the lateral roots, resulting in a fine root system with a multitude of root tips, resulting in dense, strong root growth.


For outdoor cultivation, the degradable Root Pouches can also be buried in the ground.

The roots will grow through the fabric and the pot will slowly break down.


General benefits.

       ECOLOGICAL, recycled PET bottles.

       Porous breathable fabric that allows air & water to pass through.

This promotes dense vigorous root growth and prevents roots from circling.

       Provides insulation during cold periods & cooling during warm periods.

       Reduces the risk of stress when repotting.

       Promote the activity of beneficial biological micro-organisms.

       Due to optimal air/water ratio:

Stronger and healthier start-up of young crops and faster/better growth.

       Better use of nutrients through fine-mesh root system.

       Less substrate required (smaller pot)

       Suitable for drip systems and ebb and flow systems.

       Suitable for aquatic plants.

       Root Pouch is compact and lightweight for easy and inexpensive transportation and storage.

       Jars can be washed, sterilized and reused.

       Resistant to UV rays.


Root Pouch is good for the environment, better for the plant and best for the grower.

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