Aptus tent set basic 50 ML

Aptus tent set basic 50 ML

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Aptus tent set basic 50 ML

The Aptus tent set basic contains all the boosters and stimulators that you need to start growing with Aptus. You can combine the Tent set basic with a basic nutrient of your choice or you can use it in combination with our ALL-IN-ONE organic pellets suited for soil and cocos. The complet Aptus starter kit Tent set basic is suited for a "novice" grower.


If you've ever wanted to test our high quality products then this is the ideal set to do so. The  Tent set basic contains enough booster for a complete harvest in a 120x120cm grow tent.




50 ml Regulator:

  • Regulator is a plant growth and flowering booster that aids processes and supports plant development. Regulator strengthens crops by regulating the absorption of nutrients and increasing dry matter content.


50 ml Startbooster:

  • Startbooster is a complete and highly concentrated root and growth stimulator. Startbooster contains a mix of completely biological active ingredients that have a stimulating effect on the development of the root system and growth processes.


50 ml Topbooster:

  • Topbooster is a combination of a flowering and maturation stimulator. Just like Startbooster, Topbooster is a concentrated product that contains multiple active ingredients that all have a stimulating effect on the flowering process.

50 ml Super PK:

  • Plants require more phosphorus and potassium during the blooming phase. Super-PK contains essential minerals, like phosphorus and potassium plus bloom stimulating amino acids and vitamins that are readily absorbable.

50 ml K-Boost: 

  • Plants require more potassium during the maturation phase. Aptus K-Boost contains potassium (K) and left-turning amino acids. K-Boost is fully water soluble and leaves no residue. K-Boost is an organo-mineral product that stands out for the bioavailability of the active ingredients.

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