G-tools Bonanza (0,35m2) with G-bars 170W led and irrigation system

G-tools Bonanza (0,35m2) with G-bars 170W led and irrigation system

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G-tools Bonanza (0,35m2) with G-bars 170W led and irrigation system

Grow box with led grow light and irrigation system.

This compact grow box with led grow light is the Bonanza 0.35 Clima model with a G-bars 170W grow lamp and the 3 in 1 irrigation system. When you buy this cabinet including the G-bars 170 grow light and the irrigation set, we give a 

10% Discount if you buy this set So you don’t pay €1605 ,- but €1445,-


3 in 1 irrigation system

The 3 in 1 irrigation system is specially designed for use in the Bonanza 0.35 grow box.

The grow tray of the system fits exactly in the cabinet so that optimal use is made of the growing surface. Once the system has been set up, the grow tray will reach the bottom of the air inlets. The fresh air drawn in now flows directly past the plants on the tray.

We have even provided the system’s feed pump with an extra-long cable so that the plug can be plugged directly into the Smartbox on the ceiling of the cabinet. With the app on your phone, you can set the number of watering moments from anywhere in the world. Whether you use the system in the drip-, ebb & flow- or hydro mode!

Using this automatic watering system not only gives you the freedom to be away from home a little longer but also increases the yield.


G-Bars 170 Watt Dimmable LED Grow Light

The best light distribution over a growing surface is obtained by working with beams or “bars”. In bars, the LED diodes are mounted on aluminum profiles that are mounted on a frame at equal distances from each other. The bars and frame of the G-Bars 170 lamp are almost as large as the floor space of the cabinet. As a result, the entire cultivation surface is evenly illuminated and approximately equal light values ​​are measured up to the farthest corners of the cabinet. This prevents plants in the center from getting more light than plants in the corners, which consequently would lag behind in their development.

The bars are relatively long, so the LED diodes are far apart. This structure and the wide-angle at which the light is emitted allows the bars to hang very close to the plants without damaging them. In this way you limit “transport loss” and you get the best possible return from the lamp.

To hang the G-bars 170 Watt lamp, two mounting points are mounted in the ceiling. With the supplied “Light Hanger” pulley set, you can adjust the lamp in height and thus always maintain the perfect distance from the plants.


Energy-efficient and multi-functional

The G-bars 170 Watt LED grow light is equipped with a dimmer with 4 positions. You can use this to set the lamp to 40,60,80 or 100% of the total power. This is a handy feature because plants need less light in the early stages of the growing cycle than at the end. As the plants grow, you give them more and more light by turning the dimmer up a notch. With the dimming function, you can therefore give your plants the right amount of light for every phase of their life. You not only create a more pleasant climate for the plants, but you also save on your electricity costs.

The dimming function also makes it possible to grow plants with different light needs. Flowering, fruit-bearing plants often need much more light than non-flowering plants such as leafy greens and herbs.

The full spectrum of the G-bars makes the lamp suitable for both growing and flowering plants.


Solid construction

The indestructible shell of the Bonanza cabinet consists of aluminum profiles, plastic insert connectors and PVC/XPS sandwich plates.

Together they form an extremely solid construction that guarantees a lifetime of hassle-free growing.

The sandwich panels are designed by us and have great light-reflecting, heat, and sound insulating capacities. The cabinet owes its sleek appearance to the door, which is made of a solid 3mm PVC panel with an aluminum top layer. This swing door with locks not only denies access to the curious but also allows easy access to your plants.

This makes the Bonanza grow box suitable for use in any interior.


Extractor, filter and silencer in 1

To remove warm air from the cabinet, the Bench model is equipped with a compact fan, filter, silencer set. The G-tools mini air extractor of this set has sufficient capacity for cooling lighting systems up to 250 Watt. The extractor is mounted directly on a PK K2600 carbon filter. The air is therefore first drawn through the filter and cleaned of unwanted smells before it is blown out of the cabinet. Because the air extractor is mounted inside a special silencer, the noise of the outgoing airflow is kept to a minimum. 45Db with closed doors at a 1-meter distance.

With continuous use, the carbon filter will be saturated after about a year and must be replaced. This is very easy to do yourself. On the G-tools youtube channel, you will find a demonstration film on how to do this.


G-tools air inlets

When the air extractor is running and the door is closed, negative pressure is created and unfiltered air cannot escape from the cabinet. Due to the negative pressure, fresh, CO2-rich air is continuously drawn into the cabinet via 3 G tools air inlets. These inlets are installed at the bottom of the back wall of the cabinet and function as a labyrinth that lets air in but no light out. The filter, the point where the air is drawn in, is located at the front of the ceiling. The air is thus drawn through the box diagonally, past the plants, before it is filtered and blown out smell-free. The cabinet can blow out directly in the room where it is placed. The Bonanza Bench model grow box does not need to be connected to any duct that has to be led outside.


Wi-Fi Smart Box

A Wifi Smartbox is mounted on the ceiling of the Bonanza Bench model mini grow box. This distribution box has four sockets for the electrical equipment in the grow box. Two of these contacts have continuous voltage, one of which is used for the air extractor.

The other two contacts can be programmed via a free downloadable app and can be used to control the lighting and an irrigation system. When the app is installed on your smartphone, you can set the times at which the lamp and pump switch on and off from anywhere in the world

If you do not have a WiFi signal where the cabinet will be placed, you can manually switch on these two contacts permanently and use an analog time clock.


·       Size (h x w x d): 176 x 61 x 61cm

·       Material: PVC/XPS/PVC sandwich panels

·       Surface ~0,35m2, space for 9 x 6,5 ltr pots, 4 x 11 ltr pots

·       Ventilation: G-tools mini fan- 185M3 per hour, including silencer.

·       Filter: Prima Klima K2600 240M3

·       Timer: Wifi Smartbox

·       Light: G-bars 170 dimmable

·       Irrigation: 3 in 1 irrigation system

·       Locks included

·       Warranty: 1 year on all technical parts

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