Product of the month

Every month we choose a product that we want to bring to the attention, this month that is:


Nido One All-in-one computer


The Nido One is a nutrition computer with which you can control the entire grow room with Hydro system from your lazy chair with an App on your phone or tablet. There are 4 reservoirs on it that you can fill with, for example, A & B nutrition, PH- and or PH+ or as a replacement for the PH plus a booster. With the App you can adjust the PH and EC for your entire cultivation.


In addition to the PH and EC, you can also control your lighting, ventilation, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, heaters and pumps. This is possible with the additional optional Nido Smart Plug. You need a Smart plug for every device that you want to control. You can even buy a Nido Full HD camera so you can see your grow room anytime and anywhere.


With this Nido One, nothing stands in the way of a successful cultivation. Check the videos at the bottom of the product page and be amazed by this amazing product!


The entire month a whopping 15% discount.


The Nido One Pro is extremely suitable for use with a Growrilla system.