Garden HighPro Probox EcoPro 120 - 120x120x200 cm

Garden HighPro Probox EcoPro 120 - 120x120x200 cm

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Garden HighPro Probox EcoPro 120 - 120x120x200 cm

The Garden Highpro Probox EcoPro grow tents have the same quality as the Basic tents, but have fewer options such as extra doors, inlets and outlets and cable entries. Ideal if you don't need the options, but do want to set up a good quality grow tent.


The nylon 420D fabric from which the EcoPro grow tents are made is sturdy, so it does not tear quickly and thus ensures a long life. The inside is made of Mylar, which reflects 97% of the light from your grow light(s), so you can use the light even more.


The light-tight zippers also ensure that the odors and it do not escape and you can easily hang your grow light on the sturdy tubular frame.





·       120 x 120 x 200 cm

·       Tent cloth 420D

·       Extra strong light-tight zippers

·       Mylar inside (97% reflection)

·       Sturdy tubular frame

·       Sturdy plastic corners

·       Carrying capacity: 23 kg

·       Dimensions door: 100x185cm

·       Front window: 30x30cm

·       Air inlet: 30x16cm

·       Air outlet: 2 pieces of 16.5cm

·       Diameter tent poles: 1.6cm

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