Bio G Power Hydro A+B 1 liter

Bio G Power Hydro A+B 1 liter

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Bio G Power Hydro A+B 1 liter

Hydro and soil together.

Professional Growing and florescence nutrient for all hydro systems and soil.

Usage Directives A&B concentrations which were taken with equal amounts should be diluted by water  for ready usage of nutritious solution. Fill water tank with water. Pour from A and B into it. Or example 200 ml A and 200 ml B for 100 liter water. Mix them properly and hold the nutritious solution for few hours. Ypu can adjust EC has high or for low manure measurement. Always control PH. BIO-G-POWER pH min(eksi) or   BIO-G-POWER pH plus can be used for correction of pH. BIO-G-POWER Multi Hidro Nutrient is suitable for A+B and all hydro and soil.


1 and 2,2 (including tap water) are recommended for EC. PH of Hydro should be between 5,2 and 5,5. Soil pH should be between 6 and 6,3.


A&B concentrates should never be mixed in pure form. Nutrient consists of many acids therefore it maybe harmful and irritating for skin and mucosa. Therefore any physical contact should be avoided.  If it contacts with eye or skins immediately rinse with water. Keep away from locations where children may reach.

It is available in:

1 liter, 5 liter, 10 liters or 20 liters

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