Greenception GCx2solo LED Full Spectrum 60W, dimmable

Greenception GCx2solo LED Full Spectrum 60W, dimmable

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Greenception GCx2solo LED Full Spectrum 60W, dimmable

The slim solo models of the seriesx combine the properties of the regular variants with even greater flexibility in use: Whether as additional lighting to increase the light intensity in darker areas or the separate cultivation of cuttings or young plants on the windowsill -the solo versions are ideal for all individual projects thanks to their compact shape and infinitely variable dimming.


An expanded spectrum


As was the case for the series preceding it, the new seriesx will, of course, fully utilize an expanded light spectrum containing both UV and far-red light (365 to 780 nm).


You can look forward to higher levels of active ingredients and terpenes, as well as significantly higher photosynthesis rates.


Flexible application


In contrast to the models with a driver box, the solo versions of the seriesx are not based on square tent sizes. Instead, the solos are ideally suited as a supplement to existing setups and for unconventional areas thanks to their flexibility in use.


The GCx 2solo is suitable for elongated areas up to a maximum of 80 x 30 cm.


Stepless dimming.


The solo versions also rely on stepless dimming. You can adjust the intensity of the plant light individually to the current needs of your plants and at the same time save a lot of electricity: While conventional plant LEDs have inevitably been hung higher, our new models can simply be dimmed down.


This saves about 30% of the electricity Costs!


Smart Install


Our newly developed mounting system allows you to hang your lights in many different and individual ways. Thanks to the Smart Install® rail, the lights are even able to be fitted straight to your ceiling. With air circulation, a distance of 2 cm between the heat sink and the ceiling is sufficient.


Smart Install® ensures high levels of flexibility when it comes to making important gardening decisions as well as adequate spacing between your light and the plants.




·       Designed as the best choice for supplementary lighting, growing and individual projects.

·       valuable quality and environmentally friendly

·       homogeneous illumination at 60 x 30 cm (Boost) to 80 x 40 cm (Eco)

·       oriented towards use in grow tents and indoor grow systems.

·       compact, stronger plants due to better and more targeted light spectrum

·       Suitable for growth and flowering thanks to highly efficient full-spectrum chips

·       incl. UV-A = increases root formation and active ingredient content

·       incl. Far-red = increases photosynthesis rate

·       2-channel dimming with veg and flower spectrum = saves up to 30

·       ingenious system for suspension (Smart Install®) = saves height and enables separate suspension of the light strips

·       Silent operation thanks to passive cooling, thus low heat Generation

·       lower follow-up costs due to longer durability

·       developed in Germany.


Technical data:


·       Dimension LED strip: 40 x 9 x 3.2 cm.

·       Power consumption: 60 watts

·       Current: 0.22 - 0.60 A

·       Wavelength range: 365 - 780 nm

·       Photon flux density (PPF): 171 µmol/s

·       Efficiency: 2.85 µmol/J

·       Lifetime: > 50,000 hrs.

·       Input voltage (AC): 100 - 277 V

·       Beam angle: 120

·       IP protection class: IP 65

·       Allowable ambient temp.: - 5°C - 40°C

·       Max. relative humidity: 90% RH

·       Product weight: approx. 1.84 kg

·       Not only photosynthetically active radiation (PAR, 400 nm - 700 nm), but - based on scientific findings - also beyond (300 nm - 800 nm)


Scope of delivery:


·       1x driver box with dimming function

·       1x LED strip 40 cm long

·       2x steel cable carabiner suspension set

·       2x steel support

·       2x wing screws

·       2x felt washers

·       1x plug with 1.5 m cable (C13/CEE-7/7 EU-Schuko)


Manufacturer: Greenception

Phase: Grow, Flowering, Dual

Weight: 1,84 kg

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