Aptus Mycor mix 500 gram

Aptus Mycor mix 500 gram

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Aptus Mycor mix 500 gram

Enlarges root system and facilitates uptake of nutrients

Enlarges root system and facilitates uptake of nutrients The Mycor Mix enlarges the root system and facilitates the uptake of nutrients. The Mycor Mix contains a mix of various mycorrhizae species. Mycorrhizae are beneficial fungi that connect to the root system. The fine hyphal threads pass nutrients to the root systems and actually enlarge the surface from which plants can absorb nutrients. The use of the Mycor Mix gives visible results during the flowering phase because mycorrhizae increase the uptake of phosphorus. Plants need phosphorus for flowering, an increased uptake of phosphorus will result in bigger flowers. And increased yield. It is easy to observe the effects of the Mycor Mix as the product can be applied per plant at the start of the cycle. Treated plants (or rows of treated plants) can thus easily be compared with untreated plants.


  • Enlarges the root system 700x !
  • Improves uptake of nutrients (especially phosphorus)
  • 100% organic

Tips & Tricks

  • Mycorrhizae fungi facilitate the uptake of phosphorus. This results in bigger
  • flowers and increased yield.


Mycor Mix contains a mixture of various species of endo Mycorhyza. There are more types of mycorhyza besides endo mycrohyza, but only endo mycorhyza work for your crop. The mycorhyza are fixed on a vegetal carrier that feeds and protects the fungi.

Mycor Mix is available in 100 & 1000 gram packages.

Application and dosage

Straw 1 gram of Mycor Mix once before planting in the plant hole. The Mycor Mix has then direct access to the root system.

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