Aptus Micromix soil 500 gram

Aptus Micromix soil 500 gram

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Aptus Micromix soil 500 gram

Beneficial soil borne micro life
 During the production process of growing substrates all micro life is destroyed/sterilized so that no harmful elements remain. The problem with this approach is that also the beneficial elements are destroyed. This makes the substrate more susceptible to pests and diseases. It is important to have a rich beneficial micro life in the substrate to prevent problems and to optimise growing conditions. Accumulated salts are decomposed by enzymes that are produced by beneficial bacteria. Root systems are protected by beneficial micro organisms from harmful micro organisms. By adding Micromix a rich beneficial soil life is created that offers optimal growing conditions in the substrate.


  • Protects the root system from harmful fungi and bacteria
  • Stimulates rooting and growth processes
  • 100% organic

Tips & Tricks

  • When using Micromix less young plants die during the growth phase
  • Micromix can be used on all type of substrates


Micromix contains a mix of micro-organisms and stimulants. The micro-organisms are selected by there functions and specially treated to remain active in the mix. To extend the storage life of the mix special carriers have been used to protect and feed the micro-organisms. This guarantees that the micro-organisms have a stable and powerful effect directly after application.

Micromix Soil is available in 100ml packages.

Application and dosage

Mix Micromix Soil through the substrate or put 1gram per plant in the plant hole before planting. Apply Micromix Soil once when planting    

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