Terra Aquatica AeroFarm 45L 3 inch without box

Terra Aquatica AeroFarm 45L 3 inch without box

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Terra Aquatica AeroFarm 45L 3 inch without box

This is new only without box and description.

The AeroFarm by Terra Aquatica is the first - and most economical - of all aero-hydroponic systems.

Did you ever want to try an aeroponic system but never found a simple and economical way to do it?

Well, now it´s possible thanks to the AeroFarm, Terra Aquatica´s latest growing module.


There are 7 good reasons to adopt it:

1. The AeroFarm (45 x 45 x 43 cm) fits perfectly in small growing areas.

2. Like the AquaFarm, it is made with heavy-duty recycled plastics, and includes a barrier against light and UV to prevent algae from growing in the reservoir.

3. It holds 1 to 5 plants and may be used for mothersplants as well as for complete crop cycles.

4. It has a large reservoir (up to 45 l) and an easy access to the nutritive solution.

5. It is very easy to assemble, to clean and to maintain. It is user-friendly and comes with a set of detailed instructions.

6. An AeroFarm means NO MORE SUBSTRATE to move up and down, and to discard. Simply use the plastic net-pots with the neoprene ring or if you wish to, just fill the pots with a few clay pebbles.

7. LAST BUT NOT LEAST:  if you already have an AquaFarm and wish to try aeroponics now, just keep your reservoir and simply buy the AeroFarm conversion kit. You´ll be set in no time.

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