Growrilla Hydroponic system 2.0 RDWC 8

Growrilla Hydroponic system 2.0 RDWC 8

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Growrilla Hydroponic system 2.0 RDWC 8

With the new Growrilla RDWC 2.0 systems we wanted to improve what has been a successful hydroponic cultivation system for many indoor growers and appreciated it for its ease of use for the massive production yields that this type of technique is. able to give


The new RDWC 2.0 systems are distinguished in particular by their modularity which allows them to be adapted to any space and allows easy customization due to the use of push-fit fittings that can easily be disassembled and reassembled to change the shape or expand the system.


Hydroponics System RDWC 8 Pots


Specifications RDWC 2.0 - 8


·       Growing pot size: 19 liters - Ø 30 x h33 cm

·       Number of growing pot: 8

·       System rows: 2

·       System water volume: 135 liters

·       Plants spacing: 50cm

·       System foot print: 80x205 cm

·       Suggested growing area: 240x120 cm

·       system power: 52 watt

·       Air pump flow: V30 - 30L/M ( 1800 L/H)

·       Water pump flow: HR1000 - 1050lt/h




The RDWC or Recirculation Deep Water Culture systems are characterized by a control pot which houses a water pump which is responsible for circulating the water constantly through all the buckets, standardizing the EC and pH values.


Through the control pot the grower can easily carry out all the control and regulation operations of the solution.


At the same time each bucket is equipped with an air stone connected to an air pump that blows air into the water creating micro-bubbles which, moving the water from the bottom up, favor the gaseous exchange, loading it with dissolved oxygen immediately available to be absorbed. from the roots of the plant.


The design of the pots is one of the peculiar characteristics of Growrilla hydroponic systems, the double layer (with black interior and white exterior) allows complete isolation of the nutrient solution from any light infiltration thus avoiding the formation of algae, and at the same time reflects the light. to minimize heating by light radiation.




·       Increase your harvest

·       Speeding up growth process

·       Tools free set up

·       Expandable system

·       Andjustable distance between pots

·       Balance EC and pH throughout the pots


THE DWC hydroponic growing technique


RDWC systems are based on a hydroponic technique very popular among indoor growers for its simplicity and great efficiency:. deep water culture also called DWC (Deep Water Culture).


In deep water culture, the plant grows with its roots immersed in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution capable of considerably increasing the plant’s metabolism and its ability to absorb nutrients for explosive growth and a great average of flower production.


The nutrient solution circulates through the growing pots of the system by a water pump that constantly mixes it in order to keep the same EC and pH values in each pots ​​and make their management easier even in the presence of many pots

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