Spectrabox BB 400W

Spectrabox BB 400W

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Spectrabox BB 400W

The Spectrabox BB series is a powerful no-nonsense LED grow light. The BB series is equipped with top-class components such as Mean Well Drivers, Samsung horticulture High-bin LEDs and innovative impact-resistant aluminum housing. All in all, a quality lamp for an affordable price! The Spectrabox BB series is an LED lamp that has proven itself in horticulture for years. The Spectrabox BB series is now also very popular among hobby growers due to its good results.


Advantages Spectrabox BB series:


·       High Efficiency

·       Plug and Play

·       Aluminum housing

·       100% silent

·       Dimmable

·       Waterproof "IP66"

·       Dual beam lens


Why grow with the Spectrabox BB


Because the Spectrabox BB 400W only consumes 220 watts, it is very durable, with its high efficiency, the Spectrabox Pro BB 400W is comparable to an HPS lamp with a power of 400 watts. The Spectrabox BB 400W illuminates an area of ​​80x80 centimeters from 5 cm above the plants. The Spectrabox BB 400W is suitable for germinating, growing and flowering of any kind of plant. The powerful Spectrabox BB series is equipped with very powerful Samsung Horticulture LEDs. With the 2.25µmol/J, the Spectrabox BB has a very strong light output.


100% silent


Buzzing fans are a thing of the past with the Spectrabox BB LED Grow Lights. The LEDs are passively cooled by a strong aluminum frame and active cooling is therefore not necessary. An additional advantage is that the lamp consumes less energy and requires no maintenance. Fans attract dust and must be cleaned. In addition, moving parts last less than the LEDs.




·       Power: 220 Watt

·       Replaces a 400 Watt HPS

·       Full Spectrum(Growth and Flowering)

·       Warranty: 3 Years

·       Footprint: 80x80 cm

·       Recommended height: 40 to 60 cm above the top of the plant.

·       Lifespan: 50,000 burning hours

·       Efficiency: 2.25 µmol/J

·       Number of LEDs: 224 pieces Samsung Horticulture LEDs

·       Dimensions: 39x27x12 cm

·       Weight: 5.3 kg

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