Spectrolight Blast 400 plus

Spectrolight Blast 400 plus

Brand:Spectro light
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Spectrolight Blast 400 plus

The Spectro light BLAST 400 plus is a summation of the latest knowledge from recent years. For example, the frame has been specially developed to make the LED grow lights more compact and better cooled. Thanks to the new lens, the highest uniformity of light distribution is guaranteed. Finally, the spectrum and power ensure that the crop rises to new heights. HPS is redundant with this grow light!


The ideal surface for 1 lamp is a grow tent 120cm x 120cm. The lamps can also be used as a modular system with a minimum distance from the crop of 60cm.


Key features

·       PAR with full spectrum provides the plant with all its needs, in every growth phase. This results in high quality, maximum yield and faster growth.

·       The world's first replacement for the HPS lamp. The best light for your plants

·       Excellent light uniformity for even growth

·       Shortened growth cycle

·       Improved color, appearance and taste

·       Best light spectrum

·       Optimal light efficiency gives you 50-60% energy savings

·       Designed and manufactured in the EU

·       The biggest harvest, the lowest heat output, regulated power

·       Lifetime of 80,000 hours

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