Spectrolight Starter 250

Spectrolight Starter 250

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Spectrolight Starter 250

Spectro Light Starter 250 is the smallest model and was created with the aim of innovating growing with LED grow lights for horticulture. After many years of innovation, Spectro Light has managed to develop a very high-quality COB LED grow light, namely a very powerful LED grow light with a very favorable power consumption. Compared to HPS grow lights you can save up to 50% on your electricity costs! The Spectro Light COB Series is one of the best LED grow lights of the moment. Quality and user-friendliness go hand in hand, making growing plants not only better but also easier than ever. The Spectro Light Starter 250 is a great example of the durability and quality that Spectro Light is known for. In addition to the consumer market, Spectro Light is widely used in greenhouse horticulture, with projects in tomato cultivation as an example. Growing with Spectro Light LED grow lights guarantees maximum yields.


Optimum lighting with the Spectro Light Starter 250


The Spectro Light Starter 250 is an impressive LED grow light, which can illuminate an area of ​​100 by 100 centimeters at a height of 60 centimeters above the plant. That range is many times greater than what you could achieve with a traditional HPS grow light. The spread is also excellent: it easily illuminates the outer corners 50% to 100% more than other grow lights. The Spectro Light Starter 250 achieves all this with a power of only 250 Watts – producing as much light as a 400 Watt HPS lamp. The practical applications and the cost savings are therefore immense: Spectro Light offers maximized coverage for half the energy costs. The light spectrum is also extremely well optimized for the photosynthetic needs of your plant species. A good LED grow light is determined by the power in combination with the light spectrum.


Spectro Light Starter 250: The best quality


The Spectro Light Starter 250 not only offers 50 percent more light for the same money, it also lasts a lot longer than you are used to from a normal grow light. With special aluminum heat conductors, these LED grow lights become a lot less hot, which greatly increases the life expectancy. The Spectro Light Starter can last at least 67,000 burning hours, without losing light intensity. That alone will make you pay for your investment in this lamp in no time – not to mention the benefits your plants will have from the perfect spread and illumination of this lamp. Spectro Light LED grow lights feature COB (Chip On Board) technologies. COB stands for the merging of several LEDs on a small surface. So extra powerful! The COB Leds are currently the most powerful LEDs of the moment. The Spectro Light Starter is powerful enough to illuminate an area of ​​80 x 80 cm. The grow lamp weighs 1.5 kg and has a lifespan of at least 67,000 burning hours. 


Starter 250 specifications:


·       Efficacy 2.7 μ mol/J

·       PPF 648 μ mol/s

·       Input voltage 120-240V 50-60Hz

·       Input power 239W (±5%)

·       Footprint 1x1m

·       Waterproof IP65

·       HPS replacement 400W

·       Lifespan 100 000 hours

·       Light distribution 120°

·       Light source Spectro Light COB LEDs

·       Weight 3 kg

·       Dimensions 260x125x150

·       Spectrum Full Spectrum + FarRed

·       BTU 870 BTUs/h (Max)

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