Bio G Power Root Max 100ml

Bio G Power Root Max 100ml

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Bio G Power Root Max 100ml

100% Natural Rootstimulator



Enzymes which decompose the cellulose and promotes the microorganism in earth life. It contains Several Vitamins for providing and promoting the growth of roots (folic acid, thiamin and tocopherol)

  • It provides roots to grow as they burst
  • It stimulates the biological balance in root area
  • It provides water and nutrient intake to reach at optimum level
  • It has inhibition effect over soil diseases
  • It maintains optimal livelihood in plants
  • It has cleaning effect over pipe and dripping systems.
  • It is ideal for young plants having root
  • It can be used in all soil surfaces and in all crops.


This product has been developed for planting fruit and vegetable in greenhouses and pots. You can use  root max in early periods of growing (dripping during watering. Use with N-P-K Soil 1 Component. It can be used with other N-P-K fertilizers too. 

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